In this section we show preliminary results. Because our methods lead to very fast progress and lots of results we want to publish some of them without taking too much care on formal restrictions like ortography and so on. Please excuse possible errors in advance.

Date Notebook
Oct 30, 2019 Presentation with the title “Digital Intelligence with emergent-law based statistics” as a guest lecture at the EUFH (in German):

Digitale Intelligenz – Emergenzbasierte Statistik
by André Kuck

Oct 21, 2019 Presentation with the title “Applications of emergent-law-based AI to Production and Business Management” at the DHBW conference “Digital Intelligence” (in German):

Anwendungen emergenzbasierter KI in Produktion und Betriebswirtschaft
by André Kuck

Mar 7, 2018 This Jupyter-Notebook is intended for educational purposes and can be executed on the Method-Server of the ZES.
It is an application example for an empirical analysis of macroeconomic factors (like monetary aggregates, stock indices and house prices) on the basis of Emergent Law Based Statistics (in German):

Geldmengenaggregate, Aktienindizes, Häuserpreise – eine empirische Analyse makroökonomischer Größen mithilfe Emergenzbasierter Statistik
by André Kuck and Hans Frischhut

Feb 1, 2018 Presentation with the title “Objective Knowledge and Dominant Decision Rules on the basis of Emergent Law Based Statistics”
at the DHBW symposium “Digital Transformation” (in German):

Objektives Wissen und dominante Entscheidungsregeln auf Basis emergenzbasierten Maschinenlernens
by André Kuck, Norbert Kratz and Hans Frischhut

Oct 18, 2017 Presentation of Emergent Law Based Statistics for Automated Investment Algorithms
at the DHBW-VS Banking Conference “Digital Finance – (R)Evolution in Banking” (in German):

Emergenzbasierte Anlagealgorithmen
by André Kuck

Feb 14, 2017 Applying “Emergent Law based Statistics” to prediction and decision tasks
by André Kuck, Hans Frischhut and Norbert Kratz
Jan 12, 2017 Identification of different types of prediction problems by the properties of the prediction performance of emergent laws
by Hans Frischhut and André Kuck
Nov 24, 2016 Here you find the powerpoint presentation belonging to the lecture:
Big Data, Emergent Laws and Objective Knowledge
by André Kuck and Norbert Kratz